Focus and Basketball Performance

free throwYou hear it all the time before someone shoots a free-throw: FOCUS, shooter, FOCUS!

But, what does this mean?

Why are people yelling this at the player on the line?

Does it help you when you are playing?

How can I make the shot?

Free throws are just the easiest place to notice a basketball players ability to focus. There you are, standing alone at the free throw line and your mind is going full speed! This shot could win the game……This shot could lose the game…..This shot will give me double digits for the game……This shot will keep me in the game……etc. All of these natural thoughts can be running through your head at the line. However, which ones help you shoot a free throw successfully?

If you find yourself thinking too much at the line, or at anytime in a game, then you are taking away your Performance Edge. The more important the shot, the more you need to let go of those limiting, outcome based thoughts and get into the flow of your shot. Thinking about the outcome of your actions at this time in a game is pure distraction! It will not help you make the shot!

  • Do you over control or guide your shots in crunch time?
  • Do you miss the obvious basketball play in crunch time because you are too focused on your plan?
  • Do you feel the pressure more at crunch time?

All of these behaviors and attitudes detract from your game. They all are examples of common thoughts that occur to most basketball players at some time. However, the clutch performers, the cold blooded shooters, the ice water in their veins hoopsters all can control their focus to finish a play!

You can learn how to let go of the limiting thoughts and outcome based thinking during a game through the use of cutting edge Sports Psychology techniques and programs offered by Performance Edge Mental Coaching Programs. We will teach you how to actually use the crowd to support you with FOCUS to get you on the right track. We will help you learn to focus on thoughts and ideas that contribute to you making shots and playing the right move during crunch time. You can develop your competitive edge during practice and in individual coaching sessions with Coach Walch.

Just call Coach Walch at 505.271.4699 or email at to set up a time to talk about our programs and how you can get the Edge over your competition by using your mental game! Toughen up your mental game and practice feeling clutch when you get the ball or have to shut down an opponent. Feel confident and excited to get a chance to shoot a free-throw at clutch time! Give us a call today!

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