About Performance Edge Coaching

Sports Psychology Coaching in New MexicoOur one-on-one coaching with Certified Mental Game Coach Mark Walch, uses proven, practical sports psychology coaching programs and techniques for athletes of all ages and abilities.

The Performance Edge Mental Game Coaching Programs are focused solely on YOU the athlete. We provide direct, individualized coaching focused completely on your performance results. Most of our athletes are living or training in New Mexico and respond quickly to the sports psychology techniques we use.

Our mental toughness programs are being used by athletes in tennis, golf, triathlons, swimming, diving, running, soccer and basketball in New Mexico. Baseball players and swimmers find their edge through the Mental Game Coaching Programs by identifying their limitations and creating effective mental focus that leads to success.

The Mental Game coaching you receive is by Mark Walch who has been working with athletes for over 30 years. He has been a coach for many different sports but now focuses completely on the Mental Game Coaching and is affiliated with Peak Performance Sports. He has learned the skills necessary to take tennis players to new levels of success with their match performances.

Here is a brief interview about the process:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVHD_-7frfU

Soccer players have gained starting roles after working with Coach Walch. Swimmers have made their personal best times through the skills learned with Mental Edge Game Coaching. Triathletes have experienced greater success and satisfaction with their sports competing both in New Mexico and nationally.  Tennis players are winning tournaments, runners are getting PB’s and teams are reaching new heights of performance!

New Mexico athletes are finding they can compete in the national arena by using the techniques and skills developed in the Performance Edge Programs. By understanding the faulty thinking and beliefs they have developed over time, they can gain control over their thinking and mental game to gain the edge in competition and reach their personal goals. So much time is spent coaching the physical skills necessary to compete, that the mental aspects of an athlete’s game is often neglected.

Most coaches in any sport will tell you that 80% of success in a match or meet is mental, but how much time is spent practicing those skills? That is what Mental Edge coaching is all about! We help you manage and control your mental game in such a way that it does not control you! You have use of the most powerful muscle in your body, your brain! It starts working with you instead of against you!

Mental Edge Coaching Programs are individually created to work with your unique situation. We use a detailed assessment of your Mental Game to determine the most efficient way to help you reach your performance goals.

Athletes who have used Performance Edge Mental Coaching Programs in New Mexico include: Tri-athletes, swimmers, divers, soccer players, basketball players, runners, golfers and figure skaters!