Test Your Mental Game

Download our free Mental Game Assessment for Athletes

Please download and complete our mental game assessment. You’ll only take about two minutes to complete our sports psychology assessment. This will help you determine if you are a good candidate for mental game coaching.

Why Test Your Mental Game?

  • To identify the beliefs and mindsets that hinder your performance.
  • To reveal triggers that take you out of the zone.
  • To overcome the mental obstacles to break through your performance barriers.
  • To master proven mental strategies that give your performance a boost!

Download Your Sports Psychology Assessment

Directions to Complete the Test

Please return your assessment to us and we will determine if you are a good candidate for personal mental coaching and suggest programs that will help you improve your mental toughness for soccer.

  1. Download and save document to your computer
  2. Open the word document and complete the assessment (on the computer or print and complete)
  3. Re-save the word document with your answers before sending back
  4. Email to Mark@sportspsychologyedge.com (or print and fax to 505.271.6646)