Focus and Basketball Performance

You hear it all the time before someone shoots a free-throw: FOCUS, shooter, FOCUS! But, what does this mean? Why are people yelling this at the player on the line? Does it help you when you are playing? How can I make the shot? Free throws are just the easiest place to notice a basketball players ability to focus. There you are, standing alone at the free throw line and your mind … [Read more...]

Tennis Tournament Victory through Mental Toughness

Athletes with the Performance Edge! Mitch is an athlete experiencing success using the Performance Edge Mental Coaching Program.  He was the winner of the NM Adult Open & Grand Prix Tennis Tournament in the Men’s Open division.  He played a great tournament dropping only 8 games in 4 matches!  Having had a chance to watch his games, he demonstrated many examples of Mental Toughness and Focus … [Read more...]

Develop Your Competitive Advantage in New Mexico

When it comes to peak performance in sports – physical skill and training is only part the equation. The other part is your Mental Game. How can you get the EDGE in your performances? If you want to experience new levels of productivity and performance –Performance Edge Coaching in New Mexico will make THE difference and help you learn and experience that state of mind with cutting edge Sports … [Read more...]

Sports Psychology Arrives in New Mexico!

Sports Psychology finally arrives in New Mexico! All around the world top performing athletes in every sport rely on their mental game to give them the edge in competition. New Mexico has had to rely on exceptional sports coaches or books to learn the secrets of using Sports Psychology to improve their performances and make their sport fun again. Now there is a Certified Mental Game Professional … [Read more...]

How to Find a Sports Psychologist in New Mexico

New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment and has been the land of no Certified Mental Game Coaches--until now! Athletes in every sport that compete at the highest level in their sport rely on techniques from Sports Psychology to give them their winning edge. Athletes in New Mexico have not had the opportunity to work with anyone directly here because there has not been the opportunity. Now finding a … [Read more...]

Welcome to Sports Psychology Edge Coaching

Mark is the owner of Performance Edge Coaching, LLC, the only sports psychology coaching firm in New Mexico. He works with individual athletes, coaches, and teams to help them get the edge in performance through Mental Game Coaching. He earned a double major in Biology and Psychology from Williams College and a Master’s degree in Counseling with emphasis on Sports Psychology from Michigan State … [Read more...]