17 yr. old female swimmer:

Hey coach!

     So far this season has rocked. We had out mid season taper meet, and I swam best times in all 7 of my events. I can’t thank you enough, because what I learned from you helped me enormously. I’m getting excited for state this year as well as NCSA. Training has been going well,

I work hard whenever I am there but I don’t kick myself if I need a day off every now and then.

Father of athlete:

Taekwondo: A Korean art of unarmed self-defense characterized especially by the extensive use of kicks and punches. It has been an Olympic event since 2000.
My son has been practicing this sport for approximately 3.9 years. In 2013 in competed in the usual local and regional tournaments and did pretty well. In July 2013 he went to 2013 AAU Taekwondo Nationals and lost in the quarterfinals.
We realized my son’s mental game was not as strong as it needed to be. I contacted Coach Walch of The Performance Edge Mental Game Coaching. He walked me through the process and his methodologies. With no hesitation I signed my son up and his development started. Under Coach Walch’s tutor-ledge my son competed in 5 tournaments, tremendous training sessions and multiple scrimmages leading up to Nationals. Using Edge he amassed 3 Gold and 2 Silver medals. His mental Focus vastly improved and we saw a more confident fighter.
This past week my son went to the 2014 AAU Taekwondo Nationals in Fort Lauderdale and competed in the 12-14 year old Black Belt Light weight Division. He had 4 grueling fights which had numerous adversity situations and challenges. His Edge Performance training kept him focused throughout the competition and he earned a Silver Medal. He also got invited to the USA Team Trials in a couple of Months.
Thanks to Coach Walch and The Performance Edge Mental Game Coaching, my son became a more confident and competent fighter. The training helped him in school and I have watched him become a more mature individual.
Bravo Zulu to Performance Edge.

Tennis Player’s email after first tournament:

“Hey Mark the tournament went great! I played amazing and also got a nice little perk. Thanks to my new mental techniques, I feel like I could play confidently and trust in my game. The main thing I noticed is that in the past if I started missing or I loose my service game I would get tight and not play as confidently. This tournament when things got tough I was able to refocus and fight my way back confidently. I feel like a new player. I have the post match reviews in my notebook.”


Division 1 Men’s Tennis player’s email

“I want to tell you that I feel like a new man after we started working together. My coaches and my team mates are shocked about my new attitude on and off the court. I have been playing well above my previous standard level for the last week and so and I feel so much better on the court. I keep telling myself: “Focus on what I can control. Process goals. I don’t care about what others think of me”. The crazy thing is.. This mindset has carried into my personality off the court as well. My friends and teammates are experienced a completely new side of me. I open up so much more. I am no longer scared of what they might think of me. Essentially, I am living each day like it is my last almost. This is a great feeling. I have also noticed how winning means less to me now compared to having fun out there and improving/learning.”


High School Volleyball Coach’s note:

High School Volleyball coach’s email after finally beating a team they had never beaten, and her girls had  a great deal of mental limitations around playing this other team.  We worked together to help the girls mental toughness and focus.  The team, through the dedication and interest shown by the coach, were able to incorporate Performance Edge skills into practice that led to this landmark success.

  “We did it! Defeated (Cross town, established program rival) in 3 intense games.  Thank YOU for helping our girls believe in each moment.

Ya!  First time in school history – now on to state!  Play THURSDAY!”

All-conference, Division I soccer player’s note:

I just wanted to express how thankful I am for all that you taught me! I have always been a girl with nothing but physical strengths and lacking in mental toughness… It is pretty safe to say that now that is not the case! I feel like I am equally strong physically and mentally!

My season was so surreal and I cannot think(sic) you enough! I had one of my best seasons EVER and I know that would have not been the case if I had not met with you! You showed me how to focus, be confident, and most of all be on my own team and believe in my abilities.

I will carry the lessons you taught me with me past my soccer career not only in life’s situations but also to my clients when I become a sports nutritionist. I love the concept of believing in myself and in my abilities because as athletes and regular people we tend to forget that. No matter what walk of life you are walking, being focused and confident is always a sure sign of success. Even now I am using the techniques in life situations aside from soccer! Thank you also for making aware of my negative thinking and teaching me how to refrain and refocus on something positive. Focusing on the controllables has changed my life!!

I will never think the same again… I love this quote: “Change your mindset, change your life…”

I know my season did not end the way I had planned but I cannot be upset. Our goal at the beginning was to play for the love of the game and I learned to do just that! I can honestly say I had not only one of the best seasons but I also had one of the funniest seasons I have ever had! Even though I got an awesome physical award at the end, I am most proud of my mental award!

Thank you, again for everything you did!